Music: H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej
Lyrics: Thanphuying Nopakhun Thongyai Na Ayudhya
H.H. Prince Chakrabandh Pensiri

How time flies! time to sleep,
My Darling, close your eyes.
Lie down, lie.
Listen, Darling, to my lullaby.

Evening's nigh,
Soon the moon will sail across the sky.
Time goes by,
Tiny stars will glimmer up on high.

Bless your heart end your play.
Bless your soul end your day.
Go to sleep. Care's away.
By your side I will stay.

Dear don't cry.
I'll be by you till the dawn is nigh.
Try, now try.
Go to sleep, Dear, with my lullaby.
Sleep, Love, sleep,

Soon glitt' ring stars will begin to shine.
Sleep, Love, sleep,
Close your eyes and slumber, Baby mine.
Rest, Love, rest,
While the silv'ry moon comes into view
Rest, Love, rest,
While your guardian angel watches you.

Day is done; night is here
All your toys, slumber near.
Cuddle close, Baby blest;
Dreamboats sail in the west.

Dream, Love, dream,
Till the golden sunbeams bring the day.
Dream, Love, dream,
Soon the dawn will bid you rise and play.
Lullaby, Precious One,
Day is done!