Music: H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej
Lyrics: H.H. Prince Chakrabandh Pensiri

Don't you think a smile is quite a strange thing?
When you start to smile, it wrinkles your face,
And when it is gone, you cannot find
Its peculiar secret hiding place.

But it's really far more wonderful thing,
Just to see what can each little smile do.
When you smile at one, he smiles at you.
So one little smile makes two.

Since you smiled, he's smiling too.
Then someone starts smiling back,
And that one will be smiling,
Till, in truth, you fail in keeping track.

And because a smile can do us great good.
By just cheering heart of love and of care,
Let us smile, and smile, and not forget.
Smiles are welcomed everywhere.