Blue Day

Music: H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej
Lyrics: H.H. Prince Chakrabandh Pensiri

Blue day
There's no sunshine.
Why must you go away,
Leaving me here alone?

My own, Sweetheart,
How I miss you
With loving heart so true
That's why I feel so blue.

Dear one,
What's the good of
Days without the sun,
Or peaceful nights
Without the moon?

But soon
No more blue day.
Whenever I meet you
Then all my dreams come true.

Blue day
Gloomy blue day,
When you are far away
Why must we be apart?

Dear, I love you
With all my heart, I do.
That's why I feel so blue.

My love,
Skies are so grey,
Cloudy up above,
Dear won't you please
Come back to me?

There'll be
No more blue day.
Again the sun will shine.
That day I'll make you mine.