Near Down

Music: H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej
Lyrics: Prof. Thanphuying Nopakhun Thongyai Na Ayudhya

How calm the world
All nature slumbers still.
Grey is the sky,
no breezes blow.
O'er roof and hill,
The moon now low
Sends gentle light
To guard below.

Cocks waking call 'cross the fields:
Grey shadows flee;
Stars disappear.
But, here I lie sleepless, dear.
Bats flutter home.
The dawn is near.

Gold streaks the east.
Its glow, the roofs reflect,
Dark leaves turn green
And flow'rs with light, are deck'd.
Now birds and babes wake to play.
The world expectant waits.
To greet a bright, new day.

Dew fresh and cool
The town awakes from sleep
Its throb I hear : car, speeding, hum.
Of love and hope, the birds sing, dear
Come, rise, don't mope,
The dawn is near.