Falling Rain

Music: H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej
Lyrics: H.H. Prince Chakrabandh Pensiri
Prof. Thanphuying Nopakhun Thongyai Na Ayudhya

Rain winds sweep across the plain.
Thunder rumbles on high.
Lightning flashes ; bows the grain.
Birds in fright nestward fly.

But the rain pours down in blessing;
Filled with cheer our hearts expand.
As the woods with notes of pleasure ring,
Sunlight streams o'er the land.

Bright the rainbow comes in view.
All the world's cool and clean.
Angels' tears the flowers renew.
Nature glistens in green.

Rain beads sparkle in your hair, love.
Rainbows glitter when you smile.
Thus we soon forget the clouds above
Beauty so does beguile.